Working from home has a lot of advantages, but staying motivated can be quite a challenge.This is because your home is designed to be a place of comfort.

Tips on Creating a Functional Home Office

A functional home office is not a “one-size fits all” solution. You need to think about your workflow and work requirements to get a home office that actually meets your needs.  During the Covid pandemic many of us are worjing from home and are trying to create a comfortable and productive workspace.

Use Vibrant Colors in Your Workspace To Keep You Energized

Scientific studies have proven that color affects both your mood and creativity. Energize your home office by integrating vibrant paint, colorful textiles, and décor accents into your space.

Natural & Overhead Lighting

We have sunshine all year round in Los Angles and if you’re lucky enough to have an entire wall of glass that floods the room with natural light that is a bonus,  however, if the your office space is partially or even completely unlit, you can brighten up the space using ceiling lighting. A great desk lamp is essential for working those late nights and to prevent eye strain.


If you have already chosen your furniture then make sure the flooring complements the design of the desk and other furnishings. If the desk is made of wood, then using a warm color such as mahogany or cherry will be a perfect match. Likewise, if the desk is made of glass, then selecting a sober color such as black will be ideal.

Desk & Chair

A functional home office space should have a comfortable chair. You don’t want to sit all day in a chair that is uncomfortable and disrupts your flow. Make sure the chair is ergonomic and has good lumbar support. It’s also a good idea to have a couple of foam wedge pillows in each chair for comfort.

If you need to save space, consider purchasing functional office desks with storage options. Buying several small filing cabinets to store your papers can help maximize your desk space.  Also don’t forget a great selfie light on your desk for those Zoom calls.


There are tons of distractions that might hurt your productivity. If you are serious about being productive while working from home, you will need to have a functional home office.


Building A Home Office Addition In Los Angeles

If the space is your home is tight, you may want to consider an addition by  California licensed general contractor to extend your home and to get your perfect workspace that is attractive and functional, as well as being able to close the door for privacy and from family distractions.

Eden Builders is a California licensed construction company. We specialize in Home additions, ADU’s, Kitchen remodeling, and Bathroom remodeling. Our company can tackle any remodeling project with a minimum project cost of $25K

Some of Our Recent Projects…

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