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Our team of Certified Remodeling Consultants, Project Managers and trades professionals will handle your project from the initial planning and design stage through production, construction, installation and completion. Your chances of getting exactly what you want increase when you work with such highly trained professionals.
Here are some tips for planning your project:

  • Figure out why you want to renovate. Some renovations are timely and costly so make sure it is worth it. Are you looking to live in your remodel or sell it off? Most experts agree that you should renovate for yourself, not for resale. Think about your long term needs, don’t limit future capabilities, for instance, you will eventually want to be able to turn a baby room into an office space with very little money.


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  • Ground Level Additions – This type of home addition will expand into your yard and change the shape of your home. Many people will add a sunroom or extend their living area in this way. This type of home addition won’t change the look of your home from the street. If you have a large yard you shouldn’t have problem, however, if your yard is small you will lose that outdoor space. We will determine property lines and develop a plot plan. The plot plan includea your home, landscaping and the location of all of the utilities. This information is important because when developing your design we want to abide by any local building codes that restrict you from building too close to your neighbor.
  • Second Story Home Additions – Do you want to build a second story onto your house, such over a garage? When building up you will have to schedule your addition during cooperative weather conditions, which isn’t really a problem for us lucky enough to live in Southern California climate. During a second story addition there will be a time when a portion of your roof will be open and you do not want poor weather conditions entering into your house. Depending on the situation it is sometimes less expensive to build up because there won’t be any need for foundation building.
  • Structural considerations – where are the  load-bearing walls? – these cannot be removed, also it is less work if we keep the location of plumbing and wiring. Also be aware, there will be possible changes to the roof line.
  • Make a list of your priorities and must haves
  • Let us know your budget
  • Think about what design you like – factor in how you will use your additional room  – will it be an entertainment room, master bedroom, nursery, sunroom?
  • What kind of materials will be used? –  it is important to keep the original design of your house in mind when you attempt to add an addition. One way to do this is by using the same materials. By using the same materials or complementing ones, your home will remain tastefully appealing on the inside and out. Also consider, do you want custom or pre-manufactured cabinets? Do you want Corian, tile, granite or Formica countertops? Do you want carpet, hardwood, laminate or vinyl floors?
  • Do you want a green home? Are you eco-friendly and want to use recycled materials, such as recycled glass for countertops and sustainable wood, such as bamboo flooring?
  • What kind of fixtures will you include?


  • Eden Builders will come to your home for a free estimate of the cost of your home addition.  There are too many variables involved in a major remodeling project or room addition to come up with a firm price at the initial phase. So, your initial estimate is not firm, however we can  give you a rough estimate based on what you think you want.


  • The real estimate involves working with a set of plans and specifications. Should you hire Eden Builders we will draw up a set of plans based on your wants and needs and submit a final bid.
  • Plans will be drawn to meet local building codes, we are responsible for getting in touch with any structural engineers needed to make the plans. All the necessary building permits will also be acquired at this time. We will include a list of specifications such as the materials you want.  Materials will be written out in detail, including brand name and model number if possible. The plan will provide the most attractive, useful and economical addition to your home.

Tips to Get You Prepared for your Home Addition

Get Your Yard Ready: This can be a work area for the construction team and also if your addition extends into your backyard you will need to clear the area – make sure that you remove anything mobile from your yard such as grills, water hoses, toys, cars, and outdoor furniture. Depending on what your landscaping is like near the area where the addition will expand onto, you may wish to remove any plants, trees and shrubs that might get in the way. Be sure to call your cable, gas, and Water Company and have them mark all your utility lines marked on the ground.

Protecting Property: When adding an addition on to your home, there will be some form of debris created from the construction. Before the work begins, we will cover the area with sheeting, but we recommend that you also buy some rolls of plastic sheeting and hang them from the floor to the ceiling to protect your existing floors, walls, and furniture. This will block the dust from entering into your home, but be sure not to put these sheets in the way of the contractors. Please move all the furniture out of the area that will be worked on. You will appreciate having your property protected and the contractors will appreciate not having to worry about damaging something as they work.

Prepare yourself mentally: Figure out the best time to begin work. Big renovations impact the entire family. They can go a lot smoother if everyone understands from the beginning the magnitude of work and that it was scheduled during a time which least impacts the family. You should prepare yourself for a messy home and some disruption while your house is under construction. You will have to deal with an incomplete house and an inevitable mess. Try your best to live normally and keep your eye on the prize. Just remember that you have a contract, that you are protected, and that the project will be finished eventually, try to remember that the mess is only temporary and the beautiful end result will be well worth the frustration and will soon be forgotten.hether your renovation project has been something you’ve dreamed of doing for years or a more immediate decision, your renovation will go a lot more smoothly if you take the time to plan.

Tell the neighbors – your street will be filled with various construction vehicles. Be courteous, warn your neighbors.

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