Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles can be quite a challenge. There are so many things that need to be considered, and most of the time, it will be hard to come up with a good plan. However, through careful preparation, hiring the right contractor, and selecting the ideal design, you could end up with the bathroom of your dreams. Here are a few things you should consider;

5 things to consider when remodeling your bathroom

1. Choose and measure bathroom wall and floor tiles

The types of tile that are particularly hardy, long-wearing, and timeless in the bath – in shower stalls, on floors, and on walls – are porcelain, glass, natural stone, cement, and subway tile.

Click link to learn how to measure the bathroom’s total area and check the flooring dimensions against the size of the tiles you want to purchase.

For instance: if you choose six-by-six-inch tiles, each tile would cover 0.25 square feet (36 / 144). If the area of your wall or floor is 50 square feet, you would need 200 tiles at minimum to cover the area (50 / 0.25).

2. Choose bath fixtures and cabinetry

The next step in your bathroom remodeling will be to choose and find fixtures and accessories that complement your style and color scheme. You can start your search by looking for the best fixtures and accessories you like, such as bathroom sinks, bathroom faucets, bathroom cabinets, shower curtains, and bathroom mirrors. Take a look at our recently renovated LA bathrooms for inspiration.

3. Consider the size of the bathroom

If you cannot expand your bathroom then you can make the most of small space by using some design and storage tricks to maximize how big it feels, here are some tips for decluttering, adding space-saving shelves, cabinets, and wall organizers.

4. Your budget

It is important to have a budget when doing bathroom remodeling so that you do not overspend on materials, plumbing fixtures and cabinetry.

You may have luxurious and expensive taste, and want the latest Japanese bidet-toilet but by sticking to your budget and shopping around you can get quality products that last for a long time and look good and do not break the bank.

5. Consider who will be using the bathroom and functionality they need

You may be tempted to upgrade your bathroom with a dramatic freestanding bath. But it might not be the most practical choice if it’s a guest bathroom, of if you’re petite, hate cleaning, have an old rickety house, like to take long baths, or take more showers than baths.

Do you need lots of outlets? Consider where you like to plug in your hair dryer and do you like to keep your electric toothbrush charging at all times, it’s a good idea install an outlet in the medicine cabinet.

One of the best ways to avoid problems during bathroom remodeling or bathroom renovation is by hiring a reputable contractor who will provide you with quality work. It will be better to find someone willing to work within your budget, so you won’t have to worry about cutting down on the features you love. Check out the contractor’s portfolio or past works. You can also ask around to see if anyone you know has used any of the contractors you are considering.

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