Tub to Shower Conversion in Calabasas

A tub to shower conversion is not only a great way to update your outdated bath, but it also provides you with a lower maintenance, lower water cost, safer and more accessible bathing solution. Nowadays people with busy lives prefer to take a shower, bathtubs though good for soaking, relaxing, and bathing little kids, they are not used that often by most people.

Things to consider before eliminating a bathtub in your home.

Eliminating a home’s only full bathroom could turn off potential buyers. Many parents prefer to bathe children in a tub rather than a shower; many buyers like to soak in a tub. So you want want to consider the impact of ROI by replacing the tub with a shower in the only bathroom. However, it is less riskier switching from tub to shower in a second or third bathroom. According to The National Association of Realtors as long as the home has at least one tub, switching from a tub to a shower shouldn’t negatively impact resale value.

If you are planning on living in your house for a long time, family needs should trump financial value. Getting a good ROI, sometime in the future if you ever decide to sell your home, may not be as important as having the convenience of a shower right now, especially if it is an easier and safer option for someone who has difficulty getting in and out of a tub.


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