Paving, Patios & Stone Work Los Angeles

Adding a patio or walkway to your home is a great way to personalize your landscape and extend your living space to the outdoors. When you plan your patio or walkway, your desired use will help determine the location. We’ll create a plan that takes into consideration you existing home and walkways as well as existing landscaping and trees. We will talk about sight lines and view from windows and doors.

We’ll discuss how you want to use your walkway and patio – close to a pool or garden or create an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area and does it need to be wheelchair accessible and kid friendly. We’ll also discuss paver shape, color and tile pattern, you want it to match your personal taste and complement your home and landscaping.

Practical considerations: Keep away from underground utilities and avoid areas near large trees — the roots will be difficult to deal with, and damaging them could harm the trees.

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