A kitchen remodel isn’t just about gorgeous cabinets and a stunning backsplash. These kitchen remodeling tips will help you plan for a beautiful kitchen space that is eye-catching, functional, and easy to work in.

Eliminate Waste

Start thinking about where and how you use your kitchen items. Wouldn’t it be better to store your breakfast foods near your breakfast table? You might want to keep your plastic containers and wraps in a handy spot that’s near the surface where you wrap the leftovers. Locating the flatware and dishware near your dishwasher will make the unloading process much easier.

Widen the Walkways

The paths in your kitchen should have a width of at least 36 inches. Cooking zone paths should be even wider; at least 42 inches for a kitchen with one cook and 48 inches for a kitchen with two cooks. As you plan, adjust your peninsulas and kitchen islands accordingly.

Make Your Kitchen Kid Friendly

You may want to keep the cooktop out of the reach of children. As children run through the kitchen, they might catch the handles and spill whatever you are cooking. On the other hand, the refrigerator needs to be accessible to both the cook and everyone else.

Finding the right height for your microwave

The location and height of your microwave will depend on the cook. You will also need to account for the degree of kid-friendliness that you desire. The right microwave height for adults is around 15 inches above the countertop level. You should consider a below countertop microwave height if you have kids.

Staying Clear of the Corners

As you plan out your kitchen remodeling, don’t forget to account for the appliance and cabinet door space. For the doors to be fully functional, enough space should be available. You want to keep away from the corners and make sure the doors don’t bang into each other when they are opened simultaneously.

Determine Your Island’s Function

Form always follows function with kitchen islands. If you are planning on cooking and eating on kitchen islands, you need to plan the space to separate the cooktop from your dining area.

Planning Your Landing Space

It is best practice to have 15 inches of the countertop on each refrigerator and cooktop side. The landing space is also of great importance near the microwave. When designing your kitchen, allow 15 inches of countertop on each side of a cooktop and refrigerator. Landing space is also important near the microwave.

Considering the Countertops

More counter space is required if you will frequently be cooking. Ideally, space has to be between the range and the sink. Two countertop heights make baking easy while also helping the kids that get involved in preparing meals.

If you decide to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor, make sure you do your homework. Look at other projects they have done, are you impressed? Your home remodeling contractor must be both licensed and insured. For those looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor in LA, look no further than Eden Builders. Check out our recent projects here.

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