You might be ready for a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles but still feel that redesigning your bathroom will burn a massive hole through your pocket. Nothing can be further from the truth; with the right knowledge, you can turn your bathroom into a deluxe spa retreat without having to break the bank.

6 top tips for a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles

Giving your bathroom an upgrade will make you feel like a million bucks and increase the overall value of your home. Luckily, there are so many ways you can renovate or redesign your bathroom when on a budget.

1. Limiting Your Bathroom Tile

While tile is a must-have for the modern bathroom, it can get quite expensive. This is especially true when you hire a contractor to do it for you. For this reason, you might want to limit the amount as you remodel your bathroom. It would help if you instead focused on the tile areas with a high impact, like the bathroom floor. You could layout a few horizontal strips on the wall and then paint the rest.

2. Saving on the countertop

Most people love to have granite countertops in their bathrooms. Since the bathroom countertop is relatively small, it won’t cost as much as the kitchen countertop. To save on granite countertops, you might want to stay away from colors like light beige, brown, and tan.

3. Painting

Painting is one of the cheapest ways you can effectively give your bathroom remodel in Los Angeles. However, it could take a lot more time than you might think. A high-quality paint will keep the mold and mildew away. You might want to pin the ceiling with special mold resistant bathroom paint.

4. Updating the Fixtures

Your sink faucets, light fixtures, drawer pulls, and towel racks will all need an upgrade eventually. While they could seem insignificant at first, you will be stunned at how much of a difference it makes. is an excellent resource for ideas.

5. Freshening the Grout and Caulk

The grout and caulk is a critical detail that often gets overlooked in a bathroom remodel. Adding lines of caulk that are straight and clean around your bath tub and sink will make the bathroom sparkle. You will also need to clean the grout; when it’s grimy, it won’t be very nice to look at.

6. Redo or Buy New

You can have your shower or bathtub replaced, but that might end up costing you a fortune. Your other option is hiring a professional to reline it instead. The word of caution here is that the shower and the sink fixtures might actually cost more to refinish than to replace.

While a bathroom remodel is an excellent DIY project, doing it wrong might cost you more money than hiring a professional. For a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles, Eden builders has got you covered.Eden Builders is a California licensed construction company. We specialize in Home additions, ADU’s, Kitchen remodeling, and Bathroom remodeling. Our company can tackle any remodeling project with a minimum project cost of $25K.

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